The place is located where a bit far away from Nagoya city,
you go down the hill of Yagoto and go across the river of Tenpaku then you will see on old biulding.
That is where our atelier lactates.
There are green natures, two rivers and surrounded by many parks
where you can see people go running or go for a walk with their dogs as their ordinary lives.
We are making things in the area where people feel slower lives than seeing sparkles of the city.

WOOD WORKING ─ Mino-city, Gifu


Our woodworking factory is located in a beautiful mountain in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture. Since Shiga Prefecture is close to Kyoto, it has long been a place where diverse cultures from all over Japan can interact. WELD’s furnitures are created by my friend who went to the same school as us and now he is a carpenter. We handle not only the heavy and natural kinds such as black cherry, oak and maple trees but also, the light types which use frame core flush. All the furnitures are created by matured skills and rich experiences.

CERAMICS ─ Toki-city, Gifu

陶器の製作も在学時代の友人が支えてくれています。1つ1つの違いを楽しむことができる人の手でつくる1点ものから 安定した品質を保つプロダクトとしての製品まで、幅広い陶器づくりをカバーしています。

Our pottery are made at a pottery manufacturer in Toki city, Gifu prefecture. Many other pottery manufacturer and potters are there, also a lot of makers gather in the city. WELD’s potteries are born here. And there is another friend who went to the same school as us also support us. There are not only the types which are created on a potter’s wheel, made by one by one by hands as one-of-a-kind but also the types that are made by a big gas kiln which can make in large quantities and at the same time, as neat as they could get.

SEWING / DESIGN ─ Tenpaku-ku Nagoya-city, Aichi

このアトリエでは主にバッグなどの縫製作業を行なっています。 オリジナルの型紙から裁断・縫製作業、一日中、ハサミとミシンの音が響いています。 その他にもインテリアデザイン(家具・食器)、企画、オンラインストア業務もこの場所で行っています。
日々モノが生まれ、モノが空間を作り、モノを介して人が集い、人と人が関わる。 そんなアクティブで鮮度のある仕事場になるように、細部までこだわった空間になっています。

The third floor of the building is where we work. And we usually work on sewing of bags etc. We make bags from scratch by using our original pattern paper and you will hear the sounds of sizers and sewing machines. On the other hand we use this place for making designs for furnitures and plates, event planning and online sales. Every single day, we create Mono(products) and Mono makes space which will gather people and we connect. We wanted this place to be active and fresh so we created it as carefully as we could.